Hello and welcome to our humble little blog for ‘The Masonic Plague’.

Now you’d be forgiven for believing this to be some sort of fashionable new disease that is mercilessly spreading its ways across Europe but in actual fact this is simply a book. Albeit a very brutal, graphic, twisted and at times somewhat controversial book. The kind of book that you sit down and read and think ‘Hmm I’m feeling just a tad bit uncomfortable here, I know what, think I best take me a little swig of tea and read just a little bit more… Oh my God!’

Yes I think it’s fair to say this is not a book you would want your children to read, and maybe not your parents either, well not unless they were quite liberal in their tastes. Yes, maybe it should come emblazoned with a big fat 18 and overs sticker and maybe there’s the odd group of people out there that would rather burn this book in protest than read it over their evening cocoa. Still this was not ever a book that was designed to be timid. Me and co-author Anthony D. Redden had one simple premise in mind when we embarked on this project all those many moons ago and that was simple. To create the darkest, most surreal, uncomfortable horror novel we could possibly concoct, something that would be action packed, emotionally charged and unforgiving in its delivery.

Now after many years of toil and many sunken pints during our creative meetings the book is now complete, or at least Part One is…

But now here comes the hard part. We have a book, quite a large book in fact and we now face the challenge of getting the glorious monster published and well quite frankly this is where we find ourselves treading a little water.

You see between us we may have self published a fair few novelettes and a small pile of Dark Poetry collections thick enough to support the odd wobbly table leg but we’ve never attempted to get a whole novel published professionally and well this is the challenge we face.

Now we know that due to the nature of the content and the niche in which our creation rests that this is going to be no easy task, made even more difficult due to its rather beefy size of over 100,000 words, however to say we believe in the book is a monster of understatement and we are going to do everything in our power to make this dream a reality, especially as we already have Masonic Plague Part 2 along with several sequels all planned out for future consumption.

So this maybe all well and good but what is this blog all about? Well that is simple, we have no idea what we are doing and figured we would use this outlet as a way of communicating our thankless struggle. A step by step guide of how to/not to get your book published with every misguided decision, brutal set back and joyous development laid out for you to witness in all its bloody glory.

Join us for the ride, impart your advice and experiences and please find it in your heart of hearts to plough in your support to see this book in print and we will both be eternally grateful, we may even make you a nice brew for your troubles.

I thank you.


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