Touching base…

I find myself upon foreign ground here. I’m so used to waffling away on my own small island of a blog that it’s quite a treat to have rowed the little boat over to this blog in order to deliver my thoughts of the day. As Jon has so very eloquently and colourfully explained this is the blog dedicated to the ‘Masonic Plague’. Well not so much the book but rather the writing of the book. Today I have found myself reading through edited versions of Jon’s chapters in a final push to complete this first round of edits. The book itself is finished – kind of. This meaning that we have written pretty much everything that needs to be written for this first instalment. After having gone back through each chapter and smoothed them over, a few continuity issues were highlighted. After some conversations and head scratching these issues have been added to the list of to-do things that decorate my desktop memo board. As soon as I get the opportunity I will be back on it and get them sorted. Once all the basics have been addressed, we will be compiling all the chapters together into one big manuscript. This will allow us to then format consistently throughout the book. Then I guess further read throughs and any final bits of polishing and smoothing out.

Life and all its bits and bobs have been prioritising my time recently, but hopefully I can get things back on track now. Full of vigour and focused.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Masonic Blog, well what are you waiting for?

More to come very soon.


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