Okay so we may have got a little delayed!


Okay well yes the book should have been edited and probably published by now but I kinda got bit by a travelling bug, ended up getting a lil spiritual in Peru, took a trip to Stonehenge and then figured I needed to see a Pyramid or two so I may have got a wee bit distracted… However this has all been worthwhile. It has helped revitalise some new and twisted ideas that I’m sure will be incorporated in books to come, and more importantly it has spearheaded the writing of ‘The Masonic Plague – Book 2’. Yes we are already 2 chapters in and its rolling nicely… but back to editing!

With a little luck our final pass will be completed by the 10th May 2018… We’ve identified a guy to go through professionally and help get it ready for publication and we may even have an idea or two surrounding a possible publisher but we’ll give more away on that at a later date. In the meantime hold on and hang fire… because we all know good things come to those who wait…  😉

Sleep well me darlings…


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