Now over to the Professionals!!!



Do you smell that? That ever so uncomfortable and musty type smell. The kind you get after a particularly potent curry while making a noise befitting a certain ass hole of a US president?

Well that smell is gonna be wafting its way around here for a little while over the next month or so as the book has finally gone in for a professional edit and proof read. Though just a little bit nervous Mr Redden and myself are very excited to take a step closer to getting our little monster out in the big wide world to fend for itself and upset the odd bishop or two.

The talented Mr Alex Davis is doing us the honours of scything his way through the many pages of terror, gore and various unpleasantries and we are happy to announce that nowhere in the deal do we become responsible, in any way, for any of his medical bills in the event he doesn’t come out the other end unscathed 🙂

Anyway we should get the book back by the end of May so until then it’s full speed ahead on book 2. Chapter 3 is currently being written while both Chapters 1 & 2 have already had a minor re-work and edit, so I think its fair to say we think we’re on the right tracks now.

Anyway I think that’s enough ramblings for now. Time for a cocoa and some shut eye. Thanks for your friendship and support and as always…

Rest well!!!

Jon and the Grumpy Dwarf

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