We’re two dudes who like to write, when we’re not writing stuff we’re doing the usual crap that you are probably doing, work, fun, chores, in fact just yesterday I mowed the lawn.

Anyway a few years ago after a ranting phone call two best buds began a collaboration to write something that we thought we would want to read/watch after a period of being repeatedly let down by rather un-horrific horror, it just all seemed to be just a little too tame.

Less  than 24 hours later Chapter One was written and about 8 years later Chapter 61 finally saw the light of day, I believe one of us even managed to pop out a couple more kids in between.

The Book, or at least Part One of the book is now complete and this is our journey to get the ugly, beautiful thing published.

We will need your help along the way, as quite frankly we’re probably pretty clueless. Still if you stick with us, give us a little time and a lot of encouragement we are determined to have this book professionally published out there somewhere.

This really is hopefully the beginning of something very beautiful…

…just mind the sticky oozing bile in the middle and you’ll be just fine 🙂

Jon Martin